DS160 form is a fully integrated online application form and its data is submitted electronically to the Department of State. It collects the necessary information from people seeking a nonimmigrant visa to the U.S. Based on the information provided in the DS-160 form and that combined with the personal interview, the consular officers decides the Visa granting.

As the information provided by the applicant is directly available to the Consulate, it provides greater privacy. Correctly filled out applications will make the visa process faster and more efficient. Consular officers may pre-process and pre-screen the data submitted by the applicants, even before the actual personal interview. That would help reducing processing delays. The new DS-160 form assists the U.S. Department of State in collecting required information accurately the first time. Also, as the form is web-based, it can be revised and improved, as necessary.


Interview is an important part of the U.S.A visa acquisition process. Getting a visa is easy if you are prepared. During your interview you must demonstrate that you intend to stay in U.S. temporarily and have a genuine reason to come back. Aside from the documents required by the US embassy, it is also important that you know how to respond to the questions asked by the Visa officer correctly. While it matters that your documents can prove that you will go back to your home country, you still need to have conviction during the interview.

What happens inside the U.S consulate is :
• Applicant goes through a security check.
• Applicant gives digital fingerprints.
• You will be appearing for face-to-face interview with the Visa officer.